Luxara Nail Salon & Spa Services

Please browse below to see up-to-date pricing for the services we provide. It's time for the attention you deserve!



Spa Manicure$20

Spa Pedicure$33

Spa Pedi & Mani$50

Milk Bath Manicure$45

Milk Bath Pedicure$90

Milk Bath Pedi & Mani$130

Blossom Manicure$45

Blossom Pedicure$90

Blossom Pedi & Mani$130

Smoothing Pedicure$30

Firewalker Pedicure$45

Deluxe Manicure$35

Deluxe Pedicure$55

Deluxe Pedi + Mani$85

Herbal Manicure$20

Herbal Pedicure$35

Herbal Pedi + Mani$65

Passion Fruit Manicure$50

Passion Fruit Pedicure$105

Passion Fruit Pedi + Mani$150


Warm Winter Wishes Manicure$40

Warm Winter Wishes Pedicure$60

Warm Winter Wishes Pedi & Mani$95

Relaxing Island Excursion Manicure$40

Relaxing Island Excursion Pedicure$60

Relaxing Island Excursion Pedi & Mani$95

Fall Spices Manicure$40

Fall Spices Pedicure$60

Fall Spices Pedi & Mani$95

Refreshing Spring Manicure$40

Refreshing Spring Pedicure$60

Refreshing Spring Pedi & Mani$95

Artificial Nail

Acrylic Full Set$28+

Acrylic Fill In$20+

Powder Gel Set$42

Powder Gel Fill In$28

Pink & White Full Set$63

Pink & White Fill In$50

Pink Full Set$45

Pink Fill In$28

White Fill In$20

Custom Pink & White Full Set$63

Custom Pink & White Fill-In$50

Custom Pink & White Full Set$65

Full Color Acrylic Set$55

Excess Glitter Nail$5

Artificial Nail Take Off$12

Gel Removal on Acrylic$5

Nail Repair (each)$5

Nail Shape$10

Artificial Nail Trim$7

Cutting Acrylic Lifting Before Fill In$5+

Toes Full Set$43

Toes Fill In$28

2 Big Toes Acrylic$10

2 Big Toes Acrylic Fill$6

Custom 2 Color Acrylic Ombre Fill-In$65

Custom Color Acrylic Art Set$65

Medium Length$8-12

Long Length$15-20

Extreme Long Length$40+

Gel Polish

Full Color Gel Polish (hand)$20

French Gel Polish (hand)$28

Full Color Gel Polish (toes)$25

French Gel Polish (toes)$30

Full Color Gel Spa Manicure$35

French Gel Spa Manicure$45

Acrylic Full Set Gel Polish$48

Acrylic Fill-In Full Color Gel Polish$43

Acrylic Full Set French Gel$53

Acrylic Fill-In French Gel$45

SNS Natural Set Gel Polish$45

SNS Natural Set Fill Gel Polish$40

SNS Natural Set French Gel Polish$50

SNS Natural Set Fill + French Gel$50

Gel Take Off$8

Liquid Gel Build$63

Liquid Gel Build Fill In$48

Liquid Gel Build Pink & White Set$68

Liquid Gel Build Pink & White Fill In$55

Custom Glitter Mix with Gel Build (each)$6

10 Finger Gel Ombre$15


Eyebrow Wax$10

Chin Wax$10

Lip Wax$8


Natural Set$38

Color Set$43

French Tip$55

SNS Natural Set (Natural Nail)$38

SNS Natural Set (Natural Nail)$38

SNS French Tip$38

SNS Tip Extension$6

Manicure Add-On to SNS$18

SNS Ombre$65

Soak Off (not redo)$10




Pedi & Mani$40



Pedi & Mani$40

Little Pumpkin Manicure$17

Little Pumpkin Pedicure$28

Little Pumpkin Pedi & Mani$40

Princess Manicure$17

Princess Pedicure$28

Princess Pedi & Mani$40

Polish (hand)$5

Polish (toes)$8

French (hand)$8

French (toes)$10

Nail Art

Line Under French Tip$5

Simple Nail Art 2 Fingers$6

Simple Nail Art 2 Big Toes$8

Simple 10 Nails Art Design$10+

Heavy Nail Art (each)$6

Heavy Nail Art (each)$6

Heavy Nail Art (10 fingers)$25

10 Finger Ombre$10

3D & 2D Nail Art (each)$6

Custom Acrylic Powder Art (each)$6

2-3 Crystals Rhinestones Art (each)$6

(Additional charges may apply.)

Additional Services

Cuticle Trim$7

Nail Trim Trim$5

Toes Nail Trim$8

French Tip additional$5

Polish (hand)$6

Polish (toes)$8

French (toes)$12

French (hand)$8

Additional Length and more$5+

Special Pedicures

Organic Spa Pedicure$60

Jelly Pedicure$68

Oxygen Pedicure System$75

Volcano Spa Pedicure$75



Classic Facial$60
60 Minutes

Acne Facial$150
75 Minutes

Hydrating Facial$130
60 Minutes

Photo Facial$150
75 Minutes


Salt Scrub$75
30 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage$130
80 Minutes

60 Minutes

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